Yip you are worth it, so spoil yourself, celebrate being you and book a boudoir session.

Every woman deserves to be sexy, desirable, and satisfied… as a woman myself I believe in making women of any age or size feel great about themselves, boost their confidence, and bring back their sexiness. Women were gifted with beauty and I feel that we, as women should celebrate that at least once in our lifetime, and what better way to experience that than through a Boudoir Session!

What is Boudoir? Boudoir (ˈbo͞oˌdwär) means a woman’s bedroom or private room. In the photography world, Boudoir Photography sessions are tasteful photos in lingerie style or an implied nude in a glamorous way, or similar shot in an indoor bedroom setting. It is a good way to step out of your comfort zone, and release your own inner beauty.

My style is sensual, with an artistic flair… and I am inspired through editorial and commercial print like Victoria’s Secret, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Vogue.

Please look around, and when you are ready to take that next step… be sure to contact me for more information or with any questions you may have.

Secret Session Tips

Boudoir photography has recently become more popular than ever, thanks to a more modern, fashion-inspired photographic approach. Gone are the days of cheesy, over-the-top glamour portraits – today’s boudoir is all about looking sensual, natural, and gorgeous.

It’s a great idea to have three or five outfits ready to go for your session. Generally a mix of corsets, teddies, thigh-highs, and bra and panty sets works best – heels are a must! You can also bring along his favourite dress shirt and tie, lacy gloves, or any other fun item to add to your images.

Wear loose fitting clothing on the day of the session to avoid any marks on your skin from elastics or buttons. If you plan on having a spray tan or any waxing, be sure to schedule these appointments at least three days prior to your session. If you will be doing your own makeup, be sure to apply a little more than usual – the effect of makeup is reduced in photos by about 50%.

Darrell Fraser Boudoir Photographer

During your Secret Session, I will demonstrate or instruct you how to pose. Start with the outfit you’re most comfortable in, and as the session progresses, you’ll relax and be able to come up with some great poses on your own!

Boudoir photography is as much about a gift for your significant other as it is about celebrating you! The main goal of a Secret Session is for the client to have fun, feel beautiful, and create images that are flattering, unique and memorable.

My Platinum Boudoir Package includes:

  • 4 hours photo shoot sessions
  • x5 outfit changes
  • 40 high resolution edited photos on usb
  • x2 professionally/artistic edited photos
  • A sensual boudoir album with all your photos (A4 landscape album with 20 pages and a personalised hardcover)
  • The shoot takes place in the comfort of your own bedroom or a guest house/hotel room

For a list of Hair and Make-up artists that I work with on a regular basis, please email me!

Once you have booked your paid boudoir session with me, you will receive a digital brochure on ideas for your awesome shoot. I will also share posing tips and secrets in this brochure!

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