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Hosting a Boudoir / Pinup / Burlesque / Glamour / Hen Party

A great idea for your bachelorette, birthday or just for fun with your girlfriends!! Contact me today for a day filled with fun and super sexy photo sessions with you girl friends – 082 379 8370

What is a boudoir party?

Boudoir parties provide a fun/relaxed atmosphere where you and some close friends get some portraits for someone special or yourself.  It is a fun, and low-cost way to get some great boudoir portraits.  It makes a great gift for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Bella Luxe Party Package

The Bella Luxe Boudoir party includes for each attendee:

  • The duration of the shoot will be limited to 2 hours per attendee! Should your slot run longer than this hour, an overtime fee of R900.00 will be applicable!
  • Party/Sessions can take place at a location of the hosts choosing, or in a spacious, relaxed venue of your choice.
  • A private (password protected) online gallery for each guest with 15-25 unique images.  Guests can purchase images from this gallery ala carte at our standard print pricing.
  • Champagne and hors d’oeuvres are provided for your guests
Some restrictions apply. See restrictions below.

Party Host Perks:

Schedule to host a boudoir party and you will receive the package listed above with the following perk:

  • A discount of 20% off your subsequent print, specialty item, or book orders.
  • Additional discounts on your session fee are available when more than 7 guests are present.


(Please contact me for pricing).
  • Boudoir Album (High quality hard cover book with 20 pages)
  • Canvas and Prints
  • Accordion brag book

Party Restrictions:

  • A maximum of four attendees are required for a party session (x2 hour slots per attendee) – this makes it a long day and totals to 8 hours for the shoot!
  • Shoots to start at 10h00 in the morning, make sure you arrive on time ready with make-up and hair done prior to shoot!
  • Any costs involved regarding the venue is at your own account!
  • We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but please book early to ensure we can fit your session in a couple weeks before any important deadlines (weddings, anniversaries, date night, etc.)

Terms and Conditions:

Darrell retouches all images included in your package and any purchased images and we utilize Magazine-quality retouching skills such as professional post-process airbrushing and blemish removal. The goal is to make your photos look flawless but still keep it natural and virtually undetectable, just like you would see a photo in a magazine. Retouching is at the discretion of Darrell and clients can request certain areas be adjusted to their liking. Heavy retouching such as large scar removal, stretch-marks, slimming, tattoo removal etc. are an additional fee and pricing will be determined by the photographer depending on the extent of the request.

Any retouched work will be sent to client for approval before images are sent to print. After images are approved by client the order is final and cannot be changed.

Darrell reserves the right to use any of the photos during the session for a more artistic retouch. These edits take an enormous amount of time, and will be made available to purchase afterwards. THESE IMAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE!

To receive my boudoir parties packages on offer, please fill in the form below with all your detail:

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