Associate Photographer Programme

My Associate Photographer Programme

Over the past 8 years of creating, developing and building my brand one of the biggest obstacles I have faced is that there are just not enough hours in the day.

And I have also discovered that despite my best efforts it’s just not possible to be everywhere.

I have developed my associate photographer program through which I can empower young fellow photographers by training them in my style and work ethic, and then send out these brilliant creatives to shoot gorgeous images for my clients, under my brand and at affordable rates.

This is not a referral system – these amazing photographers shoot for me, their images are curated and edited by myself and my editing team, and the final product bears all the trademarks of Darrell Fraser Photography.

I have total faith in my team and personally hand pick and train them for each proejct.

Associate Photographer Benefits

My Associate Photographers are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish me with their beautiful captures. As they represent my brand, I only send out the very best to document your event.

The process is just like booking a shoot with me – all communication is run through myself and my office manager, simplifying the process for you. Your photographer will arrive on your shoot date fully briefed and prepped. All post-production such as editing, invoicing and album designs are handled in-house by myself and my design team.

I approve each photograph before it is handed over to you!

Please note that associate bookings are based on skill set & availability not client preference.



She’s been my second shooter for 2 years, an incredible artist who studied at Open Window Academy!

Darrell Fraser Associate Photographer Gemma Priest


Associate Photographer, Graphic Designer, 3D animator, UX/UI Designer and the owner of Flipswitch Studios !



I did Carla and Johan’s wedding 5 years ago, and she has been by my side at weddings now for the last two years!

Darrell Fraser Associate Photographer Carla Niemand

Associate Photographer ProgrammeDarrell Fraser